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This site aims to bring together the efforts of software designers into a collaborative space where the various programmes for running Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS) can be made available to LETS organisers, and those organisers who wish to work together on the next level of software can do so.

The workload of administering LETS using paper newsletters and cheques in most existing schemes is typically distributed amongst core-group members using word processing and standalone databases. The LETS Infopack, which provides basic guidance on the governance and management of LETS is available on mail-order describes these methodologies. In addition some groups have brochure websites which provide publicity and some functionality, such as the ability to download documents, and these are a major step forward.

However, LETS organisers are now asking for dedicated web-based software to be provided, to enhance the functioning of their groups, and in response to this considerable work is now being done by a small dedicated team. We are working towards the publication of a follow-up publication, resulting from ongoing dialogue with groups, which will include further advice on governance as well as much more technical information regarding systems.

Our systems group has been communicating partly through a wiki and partly by email. But when we found software developers working in parallel, unaware of the work already being done, we realised we needed somewhere to record the work in progress, so that those who want to make a contribution can find out where we are at, get up to speed, and join the team.

Accordingly we are identifying and developing software, which can be hosted and made available to groups. However, even whilst we are doing this the consensus has been reached that for the next level software, instead of hand-building in php we should be adding modules to a well-supported content management system.

In order to familiarise ourselves with drupal, which seemed to be the favourite, we have decided to use it to set out what is already on offer, as well as, for our planning discussions, so here we are - welcome to our workspace - if you would like to set up an account here, please write to

Welcome to the future of LETS

Well done with Drupal. looks good!


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